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How to Make Wool Embroidery Flowers to Perk up Plain Cushions

A simple yarn project anyone can do. This easy embroidery method adds a pop of texture and fun to a plain pillow cover. Perk up your home for spring with this DIY home decor project. An easy craft project you can make in a single evening. A step by step tutorial to show you how it’s made from start to finish. I’ve had the idea for these cushion covers embellished with wool embroidery flowers for a few weeks now. Actually, that’s a lie, I had a completely different idea in my head. Initially, I thought about embroidering my flowers with actual embroidery floss. HAHA no… I’ve seen so many beautiful and absolutely unbelievable embroidered pillows on Instagram. They all make me have momentary flashes of motivation. The only thing is I’m a lazy crafter. There, I said it, laaaaaaazy! There is no way I would ever finish a project like that, I just know this about myself. But still, the