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Fondant Farm Animals Cake Decoration Cow Donkey Sheep chicken | Etsy Farm Theme Fondant Decoration PLEASE LEAVE ME A NOTE FOR DATE NEEDED BY. THANKS! Everything is handcrafted , unique and one of kind. My leading time is about 14 business days. If you need it Sooner than my leading time, please read carefully: **RUSH ORDER is an upgrade option to speed up your order. IT IS NOT FOR THE DECORATION. YOU HAVE TO ADD BOTH: the DECORATION Kit and RUSH Order to YOUR SHOPPING CART. RUSH ORDER will put your order in front of others some placed few months in advance, and I will ship your decoration 6-7 business days after order is placed. I cannot ship earlier than that ,because the decoration will not be dry and will break during shipping. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND to place orders 6-7 weeks prior your event. **Each fondant topper is hand crafted and may vary slightly from the picture shown. I do my best to ensure that each topper is as exact and detailed as possible. Edible Sugar Cupcake Topper Horse, Cow, Donkey ~2.5″ large Pig and sheep ~2″ large Hen ~ 1.5″- 1.75″ BARN (2 D ) is 3″ x 4″ ><> Bale of Hay ~ 0.75″ x1″ Puddle and Pond ~ 2″ x 2″ Grass strips ~2.5″ long Fence W 3″ x H 2″ Bird Houses are about 1.5″ Wagon Wheel ~3″ ** Whole Kit (Everything as Pictured on pic #1… Does NOT INCLUDE the BARN<<>>) **Wooden Picket Sign (SMALL)with Name(leave a note) **Wooden Picket Sign(LARGE) … I can write: – welcome baby -happy birthday – I am — (age number) now **For freshness toppers are made to order . 100% Edible , Handmade from USA Certified FONDANT and Food Colors are made in the U.S. A. *****SHIPPING****SHIPPING****This is what ETSY Recommend to US sellers: “Free shipping isn’t actually free for you, the seller. You still need to pay the shipping carrier to ship your orders to buyers. By including shipping costs in your item prices, buyers know what they need to pay for your items up-front, and you don’t lose money on orders with free shipping.” *******I SHIP ALL ORDERS PRIORITY MAIL, which is not cheap. I use good amount of bubble wraps and other packaging material to ensure you will receive your decoration not damaged. For this reason I cannot offer Free Shipping over $35. Most Sellers started to Offer Free shipping but they raised the prices on their products to make it up. I kept the price on my decoration the same. Hope you will understand. **You can keep them up to an year in an airtight storage container away from direct light. Do not refrigerate or freeze. **Each fondant topper is hand crafted and may vary slightly from the picture shown. I do my best to ensure that each topper is as exact and detailed as possible. ** All orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail. Hope your order will arrive safely, but if there is any damage , please let me know. I really work hard to make you happy returning customer. **I work from home and I do not have a certified kitchen but I have a special room where I only make my fondant creations. The materials I use are technically edible, my decorations are intended for decorative use only. Consume these items at your own risk. I work with Satin Ice fondant. Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, water, palm oil, gum tragacanth , natural and artificial flavors, titanium dioxide , cellulose gum, glycerine , modified corn starch, potassium sorbate and acetic acid . It is marked as gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and vegan. For some projects I use Tylose Powder as it helps them to dry harder and ensure they will not be damaged during transportation. Some of them may have tooth picks inside , please be careful if you decide to eat them.