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living room update with raymour & Flanigan

Her Name Is Sylvia: living room update with raymour & Flanigan Tonight on the blog, a look into our new living room ! We have now been in our new space for three months and I wanted to make sure it was how I wanted it before I shared it with you all. When we decided to move I knew the first thing to go was our old couch. It may have been nice but it was not comfortable and for months we were so unhappy. We are a big movie family, we love curling up on the couch, getting comfortable and some nights we even fall asleep on the couch. So first thing on the list was upgrading our couch. I have now been working with Raymour & Flanigan for over a year and it was a no brainer when deciding where we wanted our couch from! First and foremost, comfort was the most important factor when deciding on the new couch. We wanted to find something that we could essential fall asleep on, the perfect movie couch. Second, while getting the comfort, I did not want to lose on style. Sometimes comfortable couches can be really ugly and it was important that our couch fit in with our home decor. Chris let me take full control in the living room styling so I went in to the showroom to test out some couches and pick up some additional items to complete our living room update. I do have to say the best thing about Raymour & Flanigan is that you can physically go to a showroom and test their products out. I have made the mistake with our old couch of ordering it online without testing it . I did search the site before going in so that I would have some sort of an idea of what I wanted when entering the showroom. We did decided we wanted to do a grey couch since our home has lots of brown, tan and grey tones. I picked my four favorites and ultimately testing the couches in the store lead me to picking the Leighton collection. We weren’t working with a big living space but I knew I wanted a big oversized couch to basically take up a lot of room, I wanted it to be all couch. I took my measurements in and working with someone from the Raymour & Flanigan team to help decide on the best configuration. The great thing about the Leighton Collection is that it is fully customizable. I originally wanted to do a sectional configuration but when meeting with the employee in store, we realized the the back of the sectional would cut a part of our window off which I did not want. So I decided to do the the chaise on both sides with to pieces in the center. You guys, I am so happy that this was the configuration I went with! Both chris and I take both of the chaises and lay down for movies, I always joke that we can barely see each other being on both ends of this couch! This configuration has plenty of room when guests come over, everyone has a nice comfortable spot on the couch. Also, I can’t tell you how many times we have fallen asleep on this couch and how comfortable it has been! I can not rave more about this couch, Raymour & Flanigan, really knocked it out of the park with this style and comfort! This couch has really made us so happy, its the heart of our home where we spend so much time together. Since picking up the new couch, I wanted to brighten up the room with a new rug and we needed to add a smaller coffee table in the new space . I am so happy with the fusion rug I picked up, the color and style is beautiful. It is also so fluffy and comfortable, every time someone walks on it they comment on soft it is! I think it tied the space in so nice, balancing the colors from the couch and the colors of the art over the couch. I had a hard time deciding on the coffee table to go with in the space the ones I liked were all online only, so I could not see it in person. But I am so happy with the table I did decided on, it seriously fits so nice into the decor and style . The Remy Coffee table is a nice dark grey concrete table that sits on a black iron base, it was the perfect touch added to the space. Overall I am so happy with both the style and quality of the products I picked up from Raymour & Flanigan. This is now a space we truly love and enjoy spending time in! * Thank you to Raymour & Flanigan for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.