17 interior decor cheat sheets ideas

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Cheat Sheets

I’m really dating myself, but does anyone remember diagramming sentences in English class? It was my favorite thing to do. It broke the whole sentence into organized pieces and was geometrically so pleasing. Besides, it certainly made me learn my grammar. My kids just roll their eyes when I tell them about diagramming and call me a nerd. I don’t care. Here’s an example if you don’t know what I mean. To my point: I’m a sucker for all things broken down into parts and organized. So, it’s no surprise that I’ve been saving my “cheat sheets” for reference on Pinterest. One of my favorites is the chart that illustrates so many configurations for gallery walls. (I have many more ideas for gallery walls on my Pinterest page here.) Source Source Now you can give a name to your vintage chair finds. Source Here’s another chair back chart. Pinterest What about headboard shapes? Perfect ideas if you want an upholstered headboard. Source I never can remember the measurements of beds either. source I know they pass these out at the fabric store, but who carries that paper around? Source Furniture feet even have names. Pinterest You can base your house color on your roof color. Source Measurements for hanging a fixture. Source More ideas with paint. source Patterns for your patio. source Want to start your garden? Source Don’t forget to check out more of my pins on my Reference Board and my Gallery Wall Board. Kathy