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DIY Palazzo Pants & Tube Top Set (Beginners Sewing)

Here’s how to transform an oversized dress into this stylish DIY wide leg palazzo pants and tube top matching set with some simple sewing! #diy #sewing #sew #outfit #fashion #women #style #thrift Set textile doll with set of clothes Tilda doll cat Fabric art doll doll Rag cloth doll Interior doll Game doll Doll for gift handmade doll PUPPET KIT! TEXTILE DOLL WITH CLOTHING KITS Video review of clothes can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/dollsbyLilia/videos/355825131789530 https://www.facebook.com/dollsbyLilia/videos/646294222500881 https://www.facebook.com/dollsbyLilia/videos/1082484528617658 Video review of the doll. What she can do: https://www.facebook.com/dollsbyLilia/videos/451156508790993 Package Includes: Textile doll. Height 26 cm Clothes: skirt, jacket, boots, hair band, sports suit, hat, sneakers. This is a play doll for children. This cute doll can stand and sit on its own. Hands and fingers bend. The head of the doll turns. All clothes are removable. You can additionally order outfits and shoes for this doll. You can undress this doll and change its style. This doll can be used for children’s games. The doll is made of knitwear. Sintepuh filler. Doll are made from quality materials. All materials are tender and pleasant to touch. doll skirt made of tulle. The sweatshirt is made of knitwear with a beautiful pattern. On the feet of the doll shoes made of genuine leather. Panties are sewn of knitwear. Headband decorated with flowers. Also the doll has a tracksuit. The costume is made of knitwear. Sports pants have pockets. Sneakers are made of denim. Doll will be packed in quality box for safe transportation. Such handmade dolls can be a great and cute gift for your loved ones. In addition, our cloth dolls are perfectly combined with home decor and interior: children’s room, bedroom, etc. These are wonderful gifts for girls and women! Treat yourself and your loved ones!