17 diy christmas decorations for outside porches ideas

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Medium Wood Slice Snowman Christmas Decor | Etsy

Medium Wood Slice Snowman Christmas Decor | Etsy -   17 diy christmas decorations for outside porches ideas
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This listing is for a MEDIUM snowman! Our wood slice snowmen make the perfect addition to any Christmas or winter decor! Set them on your mantle or next to your fireplace, place them on a table as a festive centerpiece, next to your Christmas tree, or even outside under a covered porch! They are made out of southern pine tree slices and give off that wonderful festive scent of pine! We offer three different size options as well as a set of all three (small/medium/large). пёЏ Height: ***All sizes are approximate. Each snowman will vary slightly from the listed sizes.*** Large Snowmen- 20-22 inches Medium Snowmen- 16-18 inches Small Snowmen- 12-14 inches The wood we use is air dried and not treated so we cannot guarantee that a crack or split may or may not form. Each individual product will vary in size, weight, bark, color, texture, cuts, features, and expressions. We will not accept returns based on these variations as they are the nature of the product. Your snowman is best kept indoors. If you’d like to place him outside we recommend keeping him alway from rain or snow. Moisture and temperature changes are not his friends so when storing him please make sure to keep him in a climate controlled room like a basement or spare bedroom closet. Places like the attic that are not climate controlled can increase the chance of your snowman cracking! *** The arms and nose come unattached for packing and shipping purposes. The snowman will have pre-drilled holes so you can simply attach the arms and nose into place. Feel free to add a dab of wood glue inside the holes to help secure the pieces in place.***