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Stained Glass Cactus Succulent Plant

Stained Glass Cactus Succulent Plant -   16 plants Decor glass ideas

Stained Glass Cactus Succulent Plant | Etsy Eye-catching, hand made stained glass cactus succulent plant. Measures approximately 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches high. Place in a pot, or on any surface. Listing is for one cactus plant. Listing is for one glass cactus. Succulents can be found as a separate listing by this shop. I created these little beauties thanks to a lovely orange kitty named Daisy. Miss Daisy is very sweet and loves affection. Her only down fall is that she likes to eat house plants. All the house plants she can get her paws on as a matter of fact. She will chew them right down to the dirt the second they try to regrow themselves from her last assault. With several dirt filled, plant-less pots hanging around I decided to seek an alternative to bringing new plants home to their meet death. Of course! Stained glass! Daisy doesn’t bother with these guys and I don’t have to worry about her getting sick from eating house plants. <3 Glass colors/textures may vary slightly depending on availability.