16 diy bag sling ideas

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DIY Tote bag Pattern PDF Cotton bag Tote Bag for Teachers | Etsy I created this PDF pattern for the One Arm Bag – It Tote when I saw a similar bag at a quilt show. What appealed to me was its simplicity and sturdiness to its modern shape. One arm slips into the handle, leaving both hands free! Heavier weight fabrics work best for this bag, but you can use light weight fabric with heavier interfacing if you prefer. This pattern is for two sizes of bags: Finished bag A: 14”x11”x 3″ B: 17”x12”x4” Supplies Needed: One piece of freezer paper: 15″ x 18” for smaller bag A, or 18” x 21” for larger bag B Fabric needed: 2/3 yard each if using 44″ wide cotton for bag main (I prefer heavy weight cotton) and lining (can use light or regular weight). 1.25 yard Fusible interfacing (if 22″ wide) medium weight, or choose a heavier type, ifyou like a more substantial bag. (Use an additional yard if you want a stiffer bag, lining both main and lining fabrics) Thread, pins or wonder-clips, scissors, chalk marking pencil; Sewing machine, steam ironTemplate – see page 3; Use 1/2″ seams unless noted otherwise. This pattern is for personal use only. Please contact me if you are interested in selling a few bags that you have made, or wish to teach using this pattern. Visit https://quiltmamas.com to find out more about us!