16 diet Snacks diy ideas

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The world’s fastest way to make Charcoal Lemonade!

The world's fastest way to make Charcoal Lemonade! -   16 diet Snacks diy ideas

Charcoal Lemonade is most commonly known for a few things. 1. It’s delicious! 2. It makes people feel awesome! 3. It’s usually expensive (but not ours!) Our lemonade is developed with you in mind. Pay 10X less while enjoying 100% of the feel good benefits! Because no one should pay $7 for a glass of lemonade. This is lemonade re-imagined. Charcoal: + Reduced inflammation + Improved sleep + Gentle detox Lemon: + Added Vitamin C + Skin hydration Stevia: + Sugar free sweetener + No spike in blood sugar   It’s true. Pitch black lemonade should not taste this amazingbut it does! Now you can harness the power of activatedcharcoal in your classic lemonade! Our convenient instant drinkmix allows you to easily take Charcoal Lemonade with youwherever you go. Your New Secret Weapon!   Tastes like a delicious glass of lemonade with the power to make you feel amazing!   Do not drink within 2 hours of taking medication or supplements. Charcoal has the potential reduce effectiveness of medications when taken together. Please consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication. Thank you.

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16 diet Snacks diy ideas