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Viet Chu – Stepping Stones, NYC (Limited Edition of 25) – Street Photography

Viet Chu Still-Life Photograph – Stepping Stones, NYC (Limited Edition of 25) – Street Photography New York City based wildlife and street photographer Viet Chu, shot this black and white image of people walking on century old cobblestone in New York City. With monochrome color he created a theme of a dreamlike image. Viet Chu perfectly captured the essence of an everyday life scene in NYC, by using the “rule of third’” in photography, he kept the focus on the steps while leaving rest of the image covered by the pavement. Viet Chu is a world traveler for photographic assignments. He finds beauty in life’s special moments in time, capturing each with his unique photographic style. Chu’s work is a reflection of his journey’s and life experiences. In his approach to capture an image, he utilizes traditional and non-traditional means of lighting. It is then infused with his intuitive sensibility, converging it with emotional intelligence, to create a simple composition of shadows, light, subject and background. His goal is to capture a moment in time that tells a story for the rest of time. Limited Editions of this print, numbered and signed by Viet Chu are available in the sizes below. We ship world-wide and shipping is free. Your choice of one or many artworks will be given the highest standard care and delivery. Limited Edition print orders, due to risk of damage, value and high shipping and insurance costs are not framed. All limited-edition prints are professionally packaged and shipped in sturdy tubes. NYC Streets, Roads, City Photography, Grayscale interior design, Archival Fine Art Print, Wall Art.