15 DIY Clothes Bleach summer ideas

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DIY: 5 min Tshirt Refashion

DIY: 5 min Tshirt Refashion -   15 DIY Clothes Bleach summer ideas

Trash To Couture: DIY: 5 min Tshirt Refashion Supplies: Old Tshirt Summer is not over yet and for this Florida girl the lovely warmth will stick around much longer. Try this quick tshirt refashion that took me about 5 minutes and perfect for those last few trips to the beach/pool. Cute for band and game shirts too, just add a bandeau. DIY below… Cut sleeves off…Start a little bit lower than the sleeve, the lower you go the more you show. Use the left over sleeve to cut a string for the strap…like this here Cut shoulder seams…If you have a vneck don’t cut the collar. For a crew neck, you can cut the collar off. Front: gradually cut the shoulder seams off starting from the sleeve as such. Back: Cut as such so it forms a gradually line to the side seam. Tip: use the previous cut as a pattern for even sides. Back: Fold the sides and then fold over the top part…sew along where the pin is… Use a continuous string/chain to attach from one point through the loop and to the other point. You can use a safety pin on the end of the string to glide through the loop. Sew the strings in place where pins are. Finish edges accordingly. I had some paint spilled on mine so what better way to fix then then a splash of Jacquard tie dying.