13 wavy hair ideas

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Long Blonde Wavy Hair

Long Blonde Wavy Hair -   13 wavy hair ideas

Long Blonde Wavy Hair #hairideas #hairstyle #hairinspiration It happens to all of us, you wake up in the morning only to realize your hair is an oily, lifeless mess. There’s no way you have time for a shower, so what’s a girl to do? Enter: the most magical hair product on the market, waterless dry shampoo. Dry shampoo extends hair washing by a day or two (or four), and should be part of every girl’s beauty regimen. Not only will it let you go a few extra days without washing, it also gives you tons of sexy volume and leaves your hair smelling amazing. Dry shampoo is a beauty lifesaver when you’ve overslept, are dashing out the door, or water isn’t readily available (perfect for music festivals). If you’re a women’s dry shampoo novice, the large selection of waterless shampoos can seem overwhelming. Batiste Dry Shampoo alone has over 15 different versions. The good news is we did the research so you don’t have to. We spent hours reading beauty reviews, testing products, and comparing prices to give you the most trusted list of dry shampoos on the market. You can thank us later (when you get to snooze your alarm an extra 30 minutes).