13 dress Skirt 2018 ideas

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Dusty Rose Pleated Skirt

Dusty Rose Pleated Skirt -   13 dress Skirt 2018 ideas

Dusty rose pleated midi #skirt from @Topshop paired when simple and classic neutral pieces for a feminine and soft look. Happy Thursday, everyone! To start off with a funny story: one day last summer I totally had a complete Marilyn Monroe moment (actually wearing the dress from this post) when my skirt blew up passing by a subway grate. I wasn’t even very close to the grate, and I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but some combination of wind and the ventilation from the subway below cause my skirt to completely blow up – waist high!! The worst part about it was there were plenty of witnesses…construction workers having lunch on the sidewalk and other passersby in a hurry to grab lunch on their breaks. SUPER embarrassing. Luckily, I had some friends there with me to laugh it off and everyone just thought it was pretty funny 🙂