12 holiday Tumblr gift ideas

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DIY Gold Hershey Kisses Tree

The best decoration for the New Year is a Christmas tree. Yes, not simple, but sweet. A Christmas tree made of sweets is not only a wonderful decoration, but also a wonderful New Year’s gift.

As a basis for the Christmas tree, a durable cardboard is used, which is cut out in the form of a part of a circle. In order not to be mistaken with the shape of the blank, it is recommended that you first cut it out of paper or find a ready-made template on the Internet. Transfer the template to cardboard, cut out the blank and roll a cone out of it. Glue the edges together to prevent the cone from unfolding.

Now all the most delicious begins. Use double-sided tape or hot glue to glue the candy to the tree. Move from bottom to top, sticking the candies in circles.

A Christmas tree will not be beautiful without decoration. As such, use a string with beads, a cardboard star wrapped in foil, a bow, and decorations in the form of holly leaves and berries. Decorations can be changed to your liking.