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Bizarre Sentence Births

Bizarre Sentence Births -   11 plants Tumblr posts ideas

Grow your own pirated plant babies Q But seriously, if alien PLANTS ever show up, citrus and oaks are going to be trying to breed with them IMMEDIATELY. We make fun of ourselves for being willing to fuck aliens, but I guarantee you that citrus and oaks are right there with us, aggressivelytrying to cross-pollinate with any new and interesting conquests. this has weird implications ofthe intelligent aliens are plant-based p- . o? blueelectrlcangels “Yes, my great-grandfather is a terran bur oak. We don’t like to talk about it, it was very awkward for everyone involved. Except, presumably, the bur oak.” E?elodieunderglass “There were an alarming amount of whole- genome duplication events on Earth and frankly, I’m not comfortable going into it. They’re resilient as fuck, they grow in all kinds of conditions, and they have terrifying vocabulary like ‘allopolyploidy‘. Do you KNOW what that IS? It’s something you don’t bring up – popular memes on the site iFunny.co