11 planting Decoration succulents ideas

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Bulk Succulents Rare Species Flat of 30 2.25” – Live Succulent, Potted Succulent Garden, Succulent Terrarium, Exotic Succulent

Fresh Bulk Succulents Flat of 30 2.25 Mixed Varieties Beach | Etsy 2,25″ succulents are perfect party or wedding favors! If you would like a specific variety, feel free to contact us directly! 🌸 Your succulents will be hand picked from our stock of 2.25″ varieties, depending on season and availability to ensure optimum plant health Succulent varieties are based on availability. Flats contain 2-6 different species of succulents. Succulents may differ from photo. 🌸 Succulents come with 2.25″ square plastic planter pots ONLY fully rooted in soil 🌸 All NW Wholesaler succulents include a care tag explaining how to take care of your plant 🌸 Succulents are drought tolerant plants, they are very low maintenance and require little water 🌸 Our succulents are great for the home or office or as wedding favors, party favors, terrarium plants and corporate gifts Our succulents make whimsical and eco-friendly gifts. Our customers have enjoyed them as: Wedding Favors Party Favors Corporate Gifts Fairy Garden Accessories Open Terrarium Plants Succulent Care Light: In general, the area should have 10-12 hours of bright, indirect sunlight, with periods of shade to prevent sunburns. Colorful succulents require at least 6 hours of bright sunlight to maintain their vibrancy. Soil: Provide well-draining soil. Potting soil is too dense to properly oxygenate succulent roots, but can be loosened with coarse sand, per lite, or pumice. Rock is not suggested because it doesn’t retain any moisture. Temperature: Indoor succulents do not like extreme temperature changes. Keeping a mild temperature will decrease your amount of watering. Water: Only water succulents when they need it. Succulents should only be watered when the potting materials, usually soil, is completely dry. When in doubt, go without. Your succulents can survive with being under-watered, but there is little that can be done once a succulent is over-watered


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11 planting Decoration succulents ideas