10 magic planting Illustration ideas

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ZINE: In Ritual, In Healing- A zine about the magic of plants and how to use them. (Printed on a ris

“In Ritual, In Healing” is a 20 page zine exploring the magic of plants! It takes a look at the ways we can use plants in ritual work and herbalism. This zine is filled with drawings, recipes, ritual ideas, and a plant index of a few of my favorite plants to work with. It’s a great resource for someone looking to begin or deeper their relationship with plant magic. It’s for the witches, herbalists, gardeners, dirt worshipers, and plant people out there! Printed on a risograph machine and hand assembled. (Risos are super fun but can be a bit inconsistent so there may be minor variations in the printing)8.5” by 5.5” Drawn, written, and printed by Andrea Jacobs (@andreajac on Instagram) Feel free to message with any questions!


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10 magic planting Illustration ideas



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