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Stunning Art Deco Teal Beaded Silk Flapper Evening Dress 1920s Egyptian Revival

Stunning Art Deco Teal Beaded Silk Flapper Evening Dress 1920s image 2 Divine, Divine these 20s Dresses are such a beautiful marvel Classic Art Deco~~ verging on the Egyptian Revival of the 20s or Mayan symbols in her beading design mystical & Unusual teal colour~deep & sexy in the night bodice hematite/black coloured bugle beads~~lining of stunning co ordinated blue or dark turquoise/teal silk silk chiffon snap on scarf to the left side naps ribbon silk chiffon dropped waist tie a wider hip panel with the same pattern as the bodice only larger the wide lower skirt is of black silk chiffon~~mythical patterns of stylised writing, blue beaded flower bursts, beaded “birds” in flight-what they look like to me- bordered with a wide band of geometric beading on the hemline lined in a stunning dark turquoise/teal silk charmeuse to co ordinate with the bodice she is much lighter in the photos than in real life. The marks come up much brighter as well in these pictures. Even so~ An incredible piece of historical costume. size- small-medium-measurements coming condition–I have more photos -please convo me if you are a serious buyer. with a good seamstress-the shoulders should be reinforced the other small holes etc easily repaired. shoulders-left shoulder has come away from edge; under both arms some discolouration; a few small holes; bodice back- some long marks that blend in; front bodice-some long marks like the back-I wonder if this is because she had been lying down for decades & the marks are from the beads? a couple of small holes. chiffon scarf has come away a tiny bit from the hand sewn edge; hip band ribbon good nick but looks like she needs a clean; skirt panel-ahmazing! lost a few rows of beads on both sides- you may not notice unless I told you. and a couple on the base of the hem. couple of little marks, couple of small holes, hem needs to be re sewn & 1 seam. soft & lush yum.


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