Halloween decoration Ideas

Creepy atmosphere guaranteed! This great room decoration in the form of a large white horror shape the ghost or Halloween party a success. Ceiling decoration in the form of a mind with spiral end. The decoration is made of plastic and hanging about 90 cm long.

Screaming Squirrel with sausages tongues. Looks as if the dough to my breakfast croissant recipe is very similar – I would in any case once try it.

Anpinseln old pickle jars colored and spooky Gessichter it painting. Simple and less injury-intensive than hollowing pumpkins. And I speak from experience.

Are these cats horny or these cats are cool? Choose pumpkins in the right sizes, black paint and press together. The Linked tutorial shows how to do it and why the cats consumpt glow. I think: that’s worth the work.

The ultimate idea for a Halloween drink coolers. Hollowing, glass cup pure, drink pure, ice pure. DONE!

horny Without words and

That it is so simple, floating ghosts to tinker, I would not have thought. Simply cut as in the picture, face paint and hang on a transparent nylon thread from the ceiling.

The watermelon brain is a bit disgusting, but what would Halloween be without real scary, right? Melon peel, carve brain and put on buffet in the middle. 

The Torture Garland